Move Your DNA Intensives 2020

June 13/14 – GABRIOLA ISLAND, B.C.


Movement for all bodies, all the time!

You will gain a deeper understanding of how to personally apply the exercises in the book “Move Your DNA” by Katy Bowman. Designed for all bodies, the only prerequisite for this workshop is to read Move Your DNA.

What does your weekend look like?

We meet Saturday morning to get to know each other and then start moving! As we go through the exercises, I’ll show you relevant modifications and make sure you are comfortable at your current level. The workshops are kept small enough that everyone gets personal attention. You’ll be able to identify your boundaries and create a personalized practice of natural movement long after the course is over.

At the end of the first day we take stock and give feedback as we rest in (everyone’s favourite) Psoas Release (because not only do modern people not move enough, they don’t rest enough either).

Move Your DNA weekends include:

  • thirteen hours of instruction over two days
  • practice of 40 MYDNA exercises
  • small group training
  • minimal footwear/barefoot experience
  • introductory gait experience
  • connection with other lovers of alignment and natural movement
  • a downloadable exercise workbook you’ll receive when you register

My goal is to give you the tools you need to improve your movement capabilities wherever you are starting from, and to leave the workshop feeling great! This is truly movement for all bodies and all ages.

About your Teacher

Carol Robbins has been teaching movement to people for over twenty years, and before that, she taught it to horses (and people on horses). In 2000 she began a Pilates practice but something just wasn’t sitting right and all became clear when she came across the work of biomechanist, scientist and author Katy Bowman in early 2012. Katy was one of the first people to change our perspective on exercise science. Looking at the role mechanotransduction plays in our gene expression and our biological need for specific movements, she wrote the groundbreaking Move Your DNA. 

In 2013 Carol travelled to Ventura California to work with Katy for the first of many times. She was selected as one of 15 staff teacher trainers for the Nutritious Movement organization and acted as a mentor to up-coming students for several years until the certification was closed. At that time, she became one of the assistants to Katy at her public appearances and continues to mentor teachers and teach classes and private sessions in her private practice Alignment REScue. 

Carol continues her studies with Katy Bowman, travelling to take advanced courses regularly around the world (Washington State, California, Scotland.) She is also a Dynamic Aging course teacher and a MovNat Level 1 teacher from the first ever certification for ages 50+ held in San Francisco. Carol will be 60 in June, 2020!

Katy trained 30 selected teachers to bring her seminal work Move Your DNA to locations around the world and spread the” movement matters” message. Carol is based in Toronto.  







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