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Alignment – Good or Bad?

My fridge magnet I recently read this blog. In this article the author uses the terms "alignment" and "position" interchangeably, but when she gives an example of alignment, it's more aptly describing "form" - as in a correct form during an exercise. Now, that's fine, but as someone who's business is called Alignment REScue, I have a dog in this race, and if someone is maligning the term alignment (and this particular blog is hardly the first to do so - it's been a kind of trend now for a

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Can Your Discs Slip? (and other questions about Disc Herniation)

Years ago I was teaching a client on the reformer when I suggested she try the Short Spine for the first time. She looked at me with horror and said “I can’t do that - I have a herniated disc!” Now it was my turn to look at her with horror as my mind raced - had I seen any signs of this since she came in the studio - why didn’t I know this? I assumed it had happened within the week’s time since she’d last visited so I said “My God! When did that happen?” And she replied “Ab

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Ideas for the Desk Bound

One of my friends works on the computer all day. She asked my opinion on a video going around that had a nice upper body loaded/twist exercise as a 30 second quick fix-it for the desk bound. While the exercise felt pretty good to me, I doubt whether a lot of people who spend all day in a chair would be able to actually accomplish it without possible injury (specifically to the shoulder - see my last post), so if you really wanted to do this exercise, it should be taken in steps. (As an aside

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