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Foot Exercise Library

I've got a LOT of videos of foot exercises in various places, and I thought I'd make it easy for you to find the exercise you are looking for and put them all in one spot. Scroll down to find a brief description of the exercises and the link. Top of Foot Stretch:This is great if you lack dorsiflexion (i.e., tight calves) because the front of your leg can be working overtime. Also good for the flexors of the foot's sole (arch muscles) as it shortens them passively. Don't be surprised

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Lifestyle Tips to Support Foot Health

Functional feet are my fondest favourites! For fancy footwork and for fleet feet, follow these four fun facts: Move your toes Walk over non-level ground Go barefoot or transition to a more minimal shoe Go forth. As in walk. A lot. Let’s break that down shall we? Move Your toes: Toes spend a lot of time in socks. Socks spend a lot of time in shoes. Ergo, feet spend a lot of time in shoes, and both socks and shoes conspire to keep your toes from moving as much as they want to

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Anatomy of the Top of Foot Stretch

The Top of Foot Stretch lengthens the front of the shin and ankle, and shortens the plantar surface muscles (you may experience cramping), it also lengthens the tendons that extend, or lifts, the toes. Here’s a primer on Foot Anatomy. Feet have 26 bones -that's a LOT of bones. That's a lot of bones for muscles to attach to and to make up joints for movement. That's a structure meant for a lot of movement. Landmarks of the feet are: Heel - the calcaneus bone. If I asked you to point at

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