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Off the Beaten Path

On Katy Bowman’s Facebook Page she is posting daily advent walking and movement tips. This week one of the tips was:

Get off the beaten path. For at least 10 minutes today, walk OFF that flat and smooth ground and let your ankle joint complex participate fully. Don’t have wild terrain nearby? Just walk on the stuff right next to the path.

This reminds me of a part of my commute to work that goes through a park. Over the years I’ve explored enough to make most of my 5km walk to work on surfaces other than sidewalk. I go through dog parks, ravines, through community gardens…and one of the parks is part high school’s sports field/part city park. Along side the park runs a laneway (Toronto is full of them!). Here’s a shot:

IMG_2230 (1)


Needless to say, I walk through the park, usually barefoot. There’s a big rock at the other end where I can sit and brush off my feet and put my socks and shoes back on. Here’s a shot of the high school kids:


Hordes and hordes of them, all walking on the asphalt of the laneway, while I walk through the empty park all by my lonesome…


…barefoot, in December, in Toronto, because….well:

Today you’re going to walk and get a little COLD, WET, or DIRTY. No, you don’t have to throw your immune system under the bus, but our over-zealous relationship with “clean, neat, and comfortable” has left our immunity and metabolism a bit compromised. Don’t go outside naked and roll around on an ice pond, just shed a layer or two. Expose some skin. Allow the strength of your tiniest parts to strengthen relative to the environment you’ve chosen as “home.”

The other thing I take off on my walk is my glasses. I keep my peripheral eyesight scanning the ground for possible dog poop and focus on a tree at the other end of the park, because…well:

Your peripheral vision uses different areas of your eye; parts that go unused in the all-day tunnel vision utilized in screen work. Today, pan out while walking and see if you can keep checking in with a wider view of the world. Bonus points for distance-looking now and then (even more unique eye-work!).

So just think of all the health I got on in that one little section of my walk! Check out Katy’s Aligned and Well Facebook page for giveaways all this month!

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