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Contact Alignment Rescue

Contact me through my email please. If you prefer to communicate directly by phone, you will need to email your phone number with a window of time that I may contact you.

I receive notifications for emails and generally respond within a few hours at most.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will I need to feel better/be aligned?

Some clients work with me on a regular basis and some check in now and again. If you are local, a weekly class might be a good fit for regularity of practice. I'll be giving you lifestyle ideas to utilize your regular day to day activities so that you can get more movement all day long. Restorative Exercise can be different from what you typically think of as the normal exercise protocol and I suggest a familiarity with the concepts to start, by reading my blog, Katy Bowman's blog or any of her books. I frequently suggest a book as homework/support in your quest for health. Check your local library!

Will I need to sell my sofa and buy minimal shoes right away?

Actually, no! While I have made the choice to go furniture and bed-free, I realize not everyone is interested in extreme measures. You can still make many choices that result in a more abundant movement filled life and still have a traditional home. Shoe choices are important for your overall health - but transitioning to a minimal shoe can take time. I have recommendations for the best choices for you and your family.

What is the best exercise I can be doing for my health?

Believe it or not; walking! I promote walking on natural surfaces as much as possible. I suggest walking smaller distances several times a day rather than one big walk once a day, for a total of up to 5 to 10 km per day. Try adding hills and different surfaces other than pavement for added benefits. Restorative Exercise is about human movement and particularly gait mechanics. We were made to walk, but our lifestyle has changed our gait pattern. I can teach you how to bring more to your walk, with less chance of injury.

Skype with Me

You can schedule a one-on-one Restorative Exercise session with me from anywhere in the world. The map to the right shows locations of some of my Skype (or Zoom) students past and present. 

Get in touch if you:

  • prefer to work individually to address specific issues
  • aren’t comfortable in a group class format
  • want to benefit from the detail of individual attention
  • have scheduling issues that make getting to a class problematic
  • are housebound due to inclement weather or health issues
  • are not local to a Restorative Exercise Specialist or wish to work specifically with me

We can email chat prior to the lesson so that I have a clear understanding of your needs and our Skype time is optimized. During the lesson, I will evaluate your alignment and work to establish a plan to meet your movement and wellness goals. You will end the lesson with a series of exercises that you can work on between sessions.

What you’ll need for your online session:

  • a reliable, high speed internet connection
  • a webcam (the built in camera on your computer or iPad works)
  • enough space for your body to be visible in your webcam view when standing and when lying down, preferably in an uncluttered area where I can see clearly
  • here’s a picture with some items that can come in handy: a half dome or rolled towel or blanket, a yoga block or solid book, a plumb line or charger. It helps to have a mirror nearby if you have one.



Cost and Time:

Sessions are $120 or 3/$300

Email for an appoinment. 

I mentor certifying students and certified RES. Please email for special rates.

Payment Options:

Use this secure link to PayPal your money or contact me to transfer funds from your online banking account.



Core to Coeur

NEW! Now you can take a weekly class from my studio from the comfort of your home! Using the new Core to Coeur platform, log in, click join and you are in class! I can see you, you can see me, we can see the other people in the room - it's just like being here. You can receive feedback and advice and ask questions just the same as if you were here in Toronto. 

Currently I offer a weekly Tuesday at 9:30am-10:45 (EST) class. 
I will also offer my monthly workshops on Core to Coeur. These are typically on a weekend and run for two hours.

Payment is through Core to Coeur and varies. Sign up for my newsletter to get workshop details.















Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Skype in any other languages?

I am afraid I only speak English!

What will happen if we get a bad connection or it doesn't work?

I will refund your payment if the connection is not salvageable, but I'm happy to report, I've never had to do that yet. My power went out once, but luckily came back on and we were able to complete the call. Occasionally there is a bad connection and we just hang up and try again and that usually fixes it! I'm pretty good by now at trouble shooting Skype issues.