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8 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Lejla Blazevic


    I am interested in a Restorative Exercise private session.

    How much is it and where would I have to meet you?

    I have just purchased Katy Bowman’s 2 books and several of the DVDs. Should I start with these and wait a while before I see you? How many sessions with you would I need?

    Thank you.

  2. Will this help me. Have some serious problem in psoas I think which does not allow me to sit/stand/walk for long.

  3. Your best bet is to find a RES™ close to you. Check the Restorative Institute website for program graduates. Good luck.

  4. Hi, I really liked the picture with the stretched foot – I do a lot of yoga-BARRE and wonder if you have any suggestions how I can even further extend my feet – it is a great feeling that goes all the way up to your hips and back if you do it correct.

    One that love feet and stretched feet.


  5. Hi Mikael, I’m not familiar with yoga barre or why you would want more range of motion of your foot. The function of plantar flexion is to push off in gait and climb, so be careful not to over do it, the ligaments can be overstretched leading to a very unstable foot.

  6. Sarah Parkinson

    Dear Carol,
    I have just read your article on this week’s Pilates Intel and followed the link to your website. Loved the foot exercise to correct bunions. I have a bunion and so do many of my Pilates clients. I have just tried the suggested exercise and my big toe won’t move at all! Any suggestions on how I can do some prep work for this exercise?
    Best wishes,

  7. Sorry Sarah for my delay – I didn’t get a notification for this comment for some reason.
    I would manually (with my hands) move the big toe and manipulate it in different ways, carefully! Also press the metatarsal head in towards the rest of the foot and then move the big toe. The muscle is not only weak/atrophied, it is also in the wrong alignment to product abduction. I am working on getting a course out on bunions so I hope you’ll stay tuned!

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